Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fisher PH-492

Fisher also got into the game, but a bit late, their contribution was the massive PH-492, over 30” long, and 15”tall, this unit that had two very significant innovations: one, they had detachable speakers, so the speakers could be placed further apart to get true stereophonic sound, and they had individual cases so they could resonate with better acoustics having their own cabinets. The other important feature that they brought to the industry was a 5 band equalizer to further refine sound to the individual taste. With an EQ, it essentially had a pre-amp and enclosed speakers, so the Fishers were great sounding, large, heavy units that reeked of quality.

Audio track for PH-492

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D.Kessler said...

I used to have this Box and when we would breakdance 2 people could stand on it. Super Dope!!