Friday, March 6, 2009

Conion C-100f

Getting back to the street, we have to include one of the biggest and most famous radios of the early 80’s, the Conion C-100F from Coney-Onkyo(called Clairtone in Canada). This was a beast! 31” long 16” tall, it had all the street cred one could imagine, as well as some design innovations. First of all, it had two cassette decks, but instead of making them tandem, they were stacked on top of one another with the top deck being a horizontal slot for the tape to slide in through a spring loaded door. It had 3 pairs of speakers, two 8 “ woofers, two 4” midranges and two 2” tweeters—a full range of sound production. Two analogue VU meters, and LED meters as well, it was designed to not just catch eyes but hold them hostage! As if this was not enough, in case its size, loudness and killer blinged out looks overcame your morals, it had an incredibly loud motion alarm feature that when set, went off if someone moved the radio. Despite the political incorrectness of the term, this was a ghettoblaster, a consummate example of its time and was featured in several films including “Beatstreet” and “Breakin".

Audio track for C-100f

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paulmccaige said...

I have this exact ghettoblaster except that it is made by helix, I bought it 4 years ago at a thrift store for twenty dollars. Since then the tape decks have both quit working. It also has phono in with preamp. It is so loud that I have used it as a PA with a few different bands. It has two mic inputs and the alarm isn't so predictable and often goes off... I could go on but it is something I cherishI moved a few years ago and sold all my possessions except for this and my records.