Monday, February 2, 2009

What brought it back

A scant three years ago(seems like forever), my friend and roommate at the time David bought me a ghettoblaster-shaped belt buckle and a book for Christmas called The History of the Mixtape, edited my Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth. The book was a collection of mostly famous people’s cassette tape art, and I loved the book as I was one of those Jon Cusack in High Fidelity types, and made any a mixtape in my day. Anyway in Moore’s introduction, he had several pictures of an old school boombox that he called the Conan, a Conion C-100. He explained that as a band manager, he blew half of their travel budget on this giant boombox, and how great it was.

I looked at the radio and it seemed familiar, but I did not know why. I was fondling my new belt buckle, and suddenly realized that the buckle was modeled on the Conion! That was why it looked somewhat familiar. I decided that it was a coincidence I wanted to pursue and I went to Ebay. I was shocked to discover a variety of boomboxes available for sale, and shortly after I found the Boombox Hall of Fame site and then stereo2go. Before long I had a collection of at least 50 and no ability to slow down!

I have met people from around the world and have been to the homes of people in Berlin and Hong Kong, this obsession has taken me places I never expected and this show is just another rung on this crazy ladder that the love of these radios has had me climb…

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